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North UK

Check spark plug and put the picture here front and rear so I see how dark or light the white cones are.

Also poorer running is a result of the following

  • Valve Clearances
  • Carb float must be 7mm (all 4 floats inside)
  • Slide needle too rich / too lean (this is midrange from 2k to 6k revs)
  • exhaust modified ? (Make exit hole / baffle of exhaust size of a 10p british coin or 2.4cm diameter hole at exhaust => the bigger the hole, the flatter it feels, some pressure needs to stay inside)
  • Coils will do their job but we don’t know how strong the CAPS are (stock caps?)
  • Coils also run a little better when your charge system is better (stator&reg + battery)
  • Clean rear pump.
  • Spray intake boots and airbox with carb cleaner => if revs change, you have a leak

if you change gears or downshift etc, and bike feels delayed in picking up revs etc,  pilot jets are clogged again.   Don’t play with the fuel mixture screws and leave it OEM.

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