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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Before we address anything else lets attack 1 major thing so they are out the way.

Carb unit

  • Are the floats 7mm height. This is 1st as its a big deal. Less than 7 or more than 7 the bike wont ride properly even if carb was clean.  so that means carb is on the table with the floats facing the ceiling. Leave them for a second. Get a ruler. The highest height for all 4 black floats should be 7mm mark on ruler starting from 0mm on the FLAT EDGE of the carb body where bowl gasket sits on.
  • Sorted?  next take out the floats.  Take out the fuel valve and MESH thats down there. Clear the particles.
  • Put all valves & mesh back. Floats back. Double check it is 7mm height or adjust its hook tangs (a LITTLE bit!)
  • Take out Pilot Jets.  look at the sky through them. You should see a clear hole or clean them hard.  its very easy to clog em.
  • Ofcourse clean the main jets and its tube holder.
  • At since the jets are out. Get compressed air and blow every single hole thats on the carb. EVERY HOLE.  including the TALL JET that is permanent on the bike. (Aka. Enrichment Tube).
  • Close the bottom of the carb.
  • Open the top. Take out the diaphragms. Clean with a dry cloth. Check NEEDLE HAS MOVEMENT (it is spring loaded). The needle bounces up n down by about 2-4mm.  Search *Slide Mod* on this site for more tips on adjusting it.
  • Clean the piston walls smooth.
  • Check springs arent tired.
  • Close the carb.

Report back to see if she is better at all?

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