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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

If you head over to the manuals section of this forum , get any CC hyosung service manual because the principle is the same. It usually details how to remove / install cam tensioners.

Then because you have a 125cc vtwin.  Use only 125cc/250cc vtwin service manuals  (Carby 12/250 and 250 EFi are the same process for installing cams , tensioners.

We don’t know what size your tensioner or year of your engine. You have a tensioner that has a rubber cap behind it  or  a HEX screw behind it ?

Either way, a tensioner is usually released by — > removing the cap/fat-hex-bolt behind it –> a watchmaker screwdriver unwinds it slowly till it stops by itself, don’t force it. –> then it comes out by detaching it off the engine heads.  Most modern bikes are this way (most brands)

Hope this info was helpful, shame about the situation , that’s not a good day. I hope you get it sorted, summer is fast going away now!

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