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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

So basically, when you press “start” does the orange LCD go dark at all ? or headlights go dimm ?

If they went dimm -> battery to weak to spin the pistons (not voltage always, but sometimes the cells are too old) but you said the battery is new. I hope its 14BS size , as that’s what OEM says to use.  Smaller than 14BS isn’t ideal.

If the battery was brand new and size 14BS (ideally) , but you don’t hear anything , not even a click,  the ORANGE LCD doesn’t go dark at all —>  Check solenoid relay (common)  (it’s that’s strange rubber ball with wires sticking out and sits above battery)

If the solenoid was brand spanking new –>  Then open the right hand switch gear , clean any rusty contacts with contact cleaner (halfords) -> Apply ACF50 to the gold pins inside  (halfords again)

If the right switch gear looks good.  Drop the oil cooler at the front of the bike so it sits lower, then look for a BLACK PLUG , that’s for your right switch gear.  Don’t faint when you see it covered in water and the pins have gone green, you know what to do on this part too.    I would also cover it in LOTS of tape to waterproof all the plugs that are down there.

If you can’t see the black plug easily ,  then you may have to drop fairings and gentley loosen the airbox that’s sitting on the carb.    Please, please, please, tighten the airbox hard when you are done and do not apply pressure on the rubber intake manifolds because they are VERY difficult to get  (not made anymore forever)

I hope this info helps to get you started but let us know how you get on!

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