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Nov 30, 2017
North UK


Sounds more like the fuel pump needs attention as well as the Fuel Tap,Β  we talking about the fuel delivery system starting to wane , the bike can’t be drinking from its carb then cut you off if the taps n pump are moving slow.

The usual check for vaccum being strong is to make sure the lines are good and recent, investigate the manifolds so they aint leaking any air either (spray carb cleaner there and see if revs change) .

For the carb, quick check that the float assembly is good , as the float assembly parts including valves under itΒ  control how much fuel comes in. You want the area unclogged also, while the carb is still open, you could aswell just have it go through a nice soak of carb cleaner and if possible use compressed air to really clean it out!

last not least, consider the fuel filter, if its dirty or you see particles = change it out right.

Lets see how you get on, good luck!

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