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Jul 13, 2020

When you say float needles do you mean the needles in the slide valve assembly? I was running the bike with no air box/filter so I could see the slide assembly opening and it’s not sticking at all but then I know the needles have been lowered a notch to tune 3/4 throttle response so there’s a chance they might not be closing… Is it the needles that would control fuel flow to the Venturi when throttle is closed? I thought that was pilot jet? But then I suppose on thinking about it that if those needles weren’t seating that fuel could bypass the pilot jets and drain the bowl? But is it likely this would happen on both sides of the carb for both cylinders? If it was happening on one but not the other should the engine start running on one cylinder only? I’m going to record the starting procedure tomorrow and upload so you can see what is happening

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