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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Switch on the bike, rev to 5k revs.
Unplug the stator on the left side of the bike (3pin yellow plug)

Now switch pocket meter to 200v/500v AC = Then put red & black of your meter inside there, (any of the combination of 2 pins inside the stator plug)

Tell us how much power the stator is making before you fit a new reg, because usually they tend to take each other out  (either stator kills the reg or vice versa) but stator usually survives. You won’t know until you get hard figures.

Eg. Pin 1 & 2  = Volts?  // Pin 2 & 3 = Volts?  // Plin 1 & 3 = Volts?
All 3 combinations above must have the same output  (hence its a 3 phasing stator)

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