Ricky Groves
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Apr 10, 2020
UK South
RT125 2009

Today Karry got a new tyre, Bridgestone TW204. It cost £146 ride in ride out local bike shop, who also kindly stamped the police defect notice that was issued last Saturday due to tyre wear.

Over the weekend the exhaust received some more attention too, as it was clear that there was occasionally some rubbing. This meant adding about 100mm to the front pipe and putting a bit of an “S” in the silencer pipe to clear the shock and frame, adding a small bracket at the back to hang the silencer. We had added a small heat shield previously to the light/mudguard as the heat was melting it.

It was going quite well until the miggy ran out of wire. The job is done but I need to go back over a couple welds that were just tacked in place. Actually the welding is terrible but I can’t grind it off and practice again.


The new tyre has a LOT of tread compared to the old one, may even make the bike a bit quicker.

Apparently it has seen 80mph, allegedly on the nearby private road.


If (when) the chain sprocket needs doing we may well look  at the 520 kit.

Just for now it is going to be ridden ( a lot). Then we can put back all the bits that have fallen off or come loose, which seems to be everything. I have a big bottle of Loctite threadlock and everything is getting some when we put it back on for the second time.

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