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Jun 29, 2020
Middlesbrough, uk

Switch to size 15 pilots. Play with the mixture until the plugs are brown all over if you understand what to do or read from the exhaust pipes as well as heat coming out of the pipes to . You sound like you know the gist of this. Also the stock setting for main jets is 87.5 x 2 usually for aquilas or rarely 90 front 87.5 rear (silly setup but thats OEM sometimes) Best way is 90 front and 92.5 rear. The bike will start on the button without twisting throttle or turning choke on in this summer heat. Shooting to 1500 rpm cold then 1800 hot 10mins later (1800 hot is ideal). The mixture and pilot size is good as well good electrics (coils, caps , plugs crucial but common things to wane starting) as well as good clearances really matter for easy starts. This is assumed intake system is complete (airbox sitting on the carb) (secondary airbox on the right of the frame) these 2 boxes matter or the CV carb will always run strange it was made sure intake system stays OEM. Assumed also orings under the manifolds arent 10yrs old , cracking etc allowing air under the manifolds but also leaking vacuum pressure to run the carbs right Hope this info helps Let us know how you get on

I cannot use the airbox due to aftermarket tank and have custom drag pipes with baffled ends. See my profile pic.

I dont understand why some people have upped to 17 pilot as it runs mega rich. 15 pilots are due to arrive today.

So 95 and 95 mains is a no go on these??

Read so many people using 92,95,97 and even 100..mad

Are you saying 15 pilots (obvious) and 90 and 92 mains will be ok for my setup?

What about needle positioning? Its currently set to bottom groove.

It goes like the clappers 2k to about 8k then bogs in hight gears to the point you have to knock down 1 or 2 gears to get it going again.

Intake has no leaks and has new o rings and sealed with universal blue for extra measure. Great stuff btw. All vacs are new and snug.

Gv125 hardtail bobber

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