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Oct 4, 2018
GV 650 Aquila
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Hi I have no experience riding with a pillion, pillion has no experience as a rear rider. I am 92 KG and my pillion is 91 kg, that is why it is better to get the correct pre-load compression, looking at D Moss videos and others on u tube if rear-seat plunge too much front fork and front tyre loose grip then front wheel starts to get out of control on corners.

I still doubt that there is a recommended setting, if your gt is like my gv there are only 5 settings and mine was on 2 to start with so only had 3 options.(I am 90 kg). Follow the first advice and put it up 2 notches to start with.

My advice would be take your pillion out for a lot of low speed urban riding with lots of corners, roundabouts, lights plus especially practice stopping, starting and pulling away. There is a big difference in both handling and performance between solo and two up.

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