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If you go to the battery with a multi meter,  rev the bike to 2k revs = what voltage does it say?  If you rev the bike at 5,000 revs , what voltage is it again?
2k Revs & 5K Revs are 2 tests , let us know what it says.

The battery is on you this time, it could mean time for a change, no size or brand was mentioned , so i will say go for YUASA (legit ones) or VARTA.  Your caddy box is limited by physical dimensions , so a 14BS may be too big to slot in  (that’s what us GTR / GT folk use)
So you may be limited by a 9BS -11BS type battery.  New is still better than old, either way.


The more I read, the more likely its starvation involved too, & that we need to investigate the fueling side of things as i mentioned in previous reply as a checklist.  Have you done either of those things?.

A final thing,  pull out your spark plugs.  Tell us if its “light brown,  dark muddy brown,  or jet black , wet black  or glazed white”  === pay attention to the CENTER WHITE TIP of the plug , otherwise you can attach an image if possible…. This is key also.

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