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Oct 4, 2018
GV 650 Aquila

Hi Guys Thanks for your reply I am happy with factory setting on solo riding, what I liked to know is the recommended manufacturer setting for a pillion passenger, I tried with a passenger on standard-setting with rear spring sank too deep so that I readjusted both mirrors and the front tyre was wobbling out of control on the corners a bit dangerous, I guess I will try two notches down if the mirror view did not change with pillion then it should be ok.

I doubt that they will recommend a setting because there can be such a big difference in people, are we considering 8 or 18 stone. As a rider are you experienced at carrying a passenger, plus is the passenger an experienced pillion rider, if not you might be fighting them for control of the bike and if they are heavier than you they might be making the bike do things you are not expecting.

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