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Jan 14, 2020
GV125 2016

Thanks an awful lot Marcel, the help is much appreciated! Im sending it off to a mechanic on Wednesday, and in these current situations it probably won’t be ridden until then.

I might fire it up tomorrow and take another video, which might give you a good idea on where the noise is, but the noise is loudest on the lower left side of the bike.

And the noise can only be heard after riding the bike for 10 mins, when the bike is started for the first time that day, the noise is not there. Must be something to do with expansion of something, as you mentioned above.

EDIT – the bike has 2500 miles, so not a lot. Its a shame that it is making a noise already, the previous owner used it for 200 miles and had it sitting around for half a year.

Many thanks though :))

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