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North UK

Can we get any history of this bike?

4K = clearances must be done and tensioners inspected , the newer slim head tensioners come in 2 shapes | 1 has a blunt silver end (most lethal) | and later gv125 engines which even the GT’s use too, have cury dark tip tensioners

Loose clearances = makes a r-r-r-r-r-r-r-tat-tat-tat sound as it gets more revs (sometimes) and sometimes during idle.

Some valve little valve chatting is okay

An eeriely very very quiet top end means it’s probs tight clearances and that’s more lethal.  (heat expands and wants to close the gaps between the cams , but the cams need some little gapping, aka clearance while the cam lobe spins and hits the tappet buckets)

Popping off the top valve covers , then shine down a torch behind the plastic chain guide , u will see if the tensioner has a dark or silver tip and let us know don’t touch anything though!

Next = if you hear sounds near the clutch basket and it changes when you pull in and out from your lever, consider changing your plates (it’s usually at 4k intervals for cheap stock plates, they had to save money i guess) , last you my want is a 1 out of 5 plates cracked, i’ve been there. but the bike was okay to ride, yet once i took off the clutch , the plates where worn down for real.  Not surprising , 2 pistons and a heavy girl does tend to tax the clutch a bit.

See how you get on!

Could also make another video, so i can take a 2nd listen, go around the bike and find the loudest spot that’s making noise even top end , down to bottom end, go behind the cam tensioners(! can’t stress these things lol)

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