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North UK

Hi Josh’s dad here . Problem we have is there is no ignition or dash lights , no horn or lights ect nothing on starter button? It turns over as normal if cross starter solenoid, took off and sprayed every connector I can see including the fused one under back seat ? Any help would be very much appreciated b4 I break lockdown and push it off a cliff !

Bloody hell, that’s a poorly machine, if you can’t see the dashboard turn on. We must inspect the harness..


  • Go to rear pillion seat, confirm the fuse is still intact and 15A?
  • Disconnect the regulator/rectifier on the left frame (temporarily!)
  • Lift the tank, and “click this blue link here”  ….
    Only follow #1 – #6 on how to remove the airbox.
  • Now look for these plugs:
    GREEN BLOCK = Ignition barrel (crucial)
    BLACK BLOCK = Kill Switch unit / right SW gear.
    BLUE BLOCK = Dashboard harness.

Also, please confirm the GREEN BLOCK has 12.8v going to the ignition barrel (no less)

Also last thing, confirm when the key turns – Do the “headlights” come on ?   The bike’s headlights will always come on upon key turning.

The “NEUTRAL” light LED will also come on  (even if the LCD glass is turned off, which i hope not as that’s a circuit failure potentially or a damaged harness / shorted somehow)

So please advise on what you did as above and report your progress …

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