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North UK

Manual tensioner = risky business. Too tight, chain snaps eventually, too loose the cams skip teeth.
Manual is usually race team stuff as they gonna rebuild engines anyway after a race

For daily street riding, i’ve always kept using the automatic ones. They last long enough as long as you stay on top of valve clearance jobs and ofcouse check chain and cam sprocket every now and then

1 guy ran manual tensioners and was keeping tabs with me, he ruined his engine.

If its 09 and below, then yes the big head tensioners are okay. If its a new-shape RC bike with a skinny head tensioner, then use 650 ones as they tend to last a bit better. The early 125CC 2010 RC onwards to 14 had new design tensioners with a “flat silver” tip inside. these are lethal ones. Again, RC new shape bike – use 650 ones. They have a grey curvy tip end inside.

I’ve got some stock of NEW shape tensioners and gaskets if need be , old shape ones i can always order them in if required if not in a rush, as u know corona stuff has slowed logistics in most places.

If you copy the link on facebook and post it here, there ill see if you’re the same person then ill respond back here.

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