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North UK

Hey welcome!

Sounds like the bike has been through hell and back that’s for sure!  My goodness.

Good on you for trying to resurrect it back to its original state, though i understand there will be some days of cursing!  (tip the swear jar later!)

To answer you , yes there is some few things that were shared with some other hyosungs but not much.  We don’t know the year of your bike because some single piston hyosungs either had the legacy single camshaft engine and the later models had the dual camshaft heads , sometimes even the electronics vary slightly . Having specifics of your bike would be ideal, you can always attach an image in this topic of how the engine looks etc,

There is a 2MB limit per image size but a site called picresize can scale down any big images down to forum sized 2MB ones ,  or  use imgur . com website (no size limit) => copy the “FORUM BBCODE” share links, and paste them here , the site will pull the images remotely even.

Also what kind of parts where you planning to change? you are correct to say there isn’t many on the UK roads at present but much more worldwide , ie the EU where some countries still have 125s .  Parts etc depend on what it is what. If i can’t get a part from the trade myself , i can always point to your nearest dealer (incase they break old ones) or another one closer to me.

If i’ve learned anything while fixing and stripping hyosungs, some things were done inhouse that couldn’t be found on other brands that’s for sure.

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