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O so all back together now an sorted pritty much am start a let a run for a bit since puting air box back with clean fliter shes not likeing to rev much in face almost chokes a self out would i be correct in thinking or mayby doing away with air box fit some k&n dome filters ? As i sed befor the exhoust dose not look standard to me and a problem left side indicating dose not work so thats the switch right lol thank you again for all you help you must be sick of me 😂😂

Because its a CV carb that is also upside down, Mikunis do not want pod filters, they hate it.  Every hyo owner has tried and failed, believe me the airbox wins.

The best mod for air is dropping a K&N Kit with uprated jets because it flows extra air, you don’t want to lean out  (that rear motor gets hot, you may lose piston due to leaning out!)

The overflow can face the ground if it has no where to hook to , but caution to always check before riding so that nothing is leaking .

When i say leaking, you want to make sure the carb is cleaned out properly and the floats are 7mm max.

Put the carb on table with the floats facing the sky, the float will be 7mm high,  NO LESS and NO MORE.  Them things control how much fuel comes in from 0mph to top gear.

When the bike acts boggy  (in any shape or form) that is always almost a clogged fuel system  (dirty filter,  lines rotting inside which are too old, carb has clogged particles because there is many holes,  the 125 jets have tiny holes, so it doesn’t take much to clog them,  also consider the air filter,  any filter beyond 12K old must be changed or you see the white/yellow filter turn dirty it will feel like it’s chocking with less air flow)

If the entire fuel system was OK (including the tap and pump) then your last war for boggyness is usually the electrics.    Deal with the fuel side before attacking electrics but  electrics vs fuel will be as good as each other.

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