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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Okay, that orange tank, the bottom 2-twin outlets must go to the frame tap.

I can’t see your frame tap,  but i will assume this…… The  “frame tap” sends fuel to the filter ====> then filter to the rear pump

I can’t see your tap to make a judgetment of how many outlets it has on it. Some are 2 INPUT  => 1 Output   or     2 Input + 1 Output + 1 Overflow via carb.

Which moves to my next point below

See the pipes under the float bowl covers  == 2 BIG ONES facing up ^ the sky  joined by a single hose?

That is normally going BACK to the tap (incase your carb is overflow, it returns fuel back to the tap or the bike fell on its side, it acts as overflow)

Later model carbs  don’t need this setup  because they overflow in a different way

So in summary, you definitely have a bike with more classic set up and older carb  than the images you see in my tutorials  but you aint far off.

Remember my earlier replies , i said where your pump has a grey pipe feeding your carb, = that is the correct one.  Fuel must not enter the carb except via the single gray line from the pump (with springs over top of HT wires, etc…).

When you use picresize,  please try   1,000 x 1,000 pixels or  1.5MB per picture so that it blows up nice n clear when i zoom. I know you’re on the phone and sorry to make you go the extra mile.

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