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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

From your reply in the other thread…

Thats answered some of my questions but my tank dose not have that it has 2 pips that come down to a fule tap with one connect on top and 2 on the bottom so am guessing set up will be different? Or the guy i bought the bike off was laughing all the way to the bank

Now,  because you have a 2003-2004 1st generation tank that is meant for a GT Naked older ones. The naked comets usually have an ON/OFF manual tap on the side of the frame (left). I don’t see it in your pics or it was removed.
I have one, those tanks didn’t have an “automatic vacuum” tap that’s on later Comets or ALL GTR125’s (05 onwards)

Now then,  you have 2-twin outlets close to each other under the tank.
_ Outlet #1 = Fit a mini pipe there.
_ Outlet #2 = Fit a mini pipe there again.
Now outlet 1 & 2 will join with ===> a plastic or brass T-Junction (get one)===>

This T-Junction ====> will have a 3rd port free ===> connect that to the fuel filter that’s going to the pump.

Remember, the pic you uploaded…
Don’t remove the pipe that’s going to the carb, it is correct there.
Also, where your filter is connected, leave it there, it’s correct.
Thirdly, there is a pipe that’s from the PUMP going to the ENGINE MANIFOLDS. That is correct. That’s vacuum feed  (see this tutorial here, for clarification)

Now,  go back to your engine manifolds (those rubber pipes under the carbs), there should be ONLY 1 PIPE going to the rear pump only.

Any extra pipe that is joined to the rubber manifolds ===> just blank them tightly with a bung/thickbolt & clamp.    You don’t have a “vacuum TAP under the tank”, so there is no need for extra pipes.

There is something (or not) on the bike that controls fake emissions aka egr as its infamously called.  Throw it in the bin, it’s a useless device and the bike won’t miss it.

Now , you have wayyyy less headache dealing with all kinds of pipes.

Make sure…….
– Engine (front or rear) has the metal EGR pipe blocked.
– AIRBOX (under it) has the egr hole blocked. I can’t stress this.

Take ya time with my reply because this is as good as i can break it down.


If you have a “manual  ON/OFF tap” (which is mounted on the LEFT frame…..) , then  yes……. 2-twin outlets under the tank must go there….. the filter joins the frame TAP also…

Otherwise What i have been saying all above ^ is supposed to be a temp solution, as it’s ideal to have an ON/OFF tap mounted to the frame  or  a tank that has an automatic-tap (vacuum operated).   Not ideal to have fuel always (on) A manual tap turns it off when bike isn’t in use or  vacuum operated tap also does that too when engine shuts off, but i am digressing too much, i may go off track with this reply , this will be a discussion for another time.

It’s 1am as i write this, so excuse me for digressing, some things i had to clarify once more…. but good luck!

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