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Nov 30, 2017
North UK


You will find the copper gasket sets in the /shop/ section  or PM me if you would rather have the more basic OEM version (it’s silver, fibre ish kind of material)

The “link pipe hollow gasketing” (where rear joins the bottom) is most likely found in bike shops locally (ring to ask 1st?)  , also the pipe diameter matters vs exterior diameter so that it sits inside nicely, it can crumble easily! – I forgot the dimensions off my head the ones hyosung uses for their standard pipes.

If you have stock pipes with the cat-box in the bottom at the middle,  normally a welder cuts it off and then adds steel pipes to route the gas flow towards the giant pipe going to the end can.   Now you have a pipe system that is as free flow as the black widow types.

End cans = I would keep the internals,  and stick a baffle in.   The 125 aways pulls better  (accel AND top end when the final exit hole is about the size of a 10p coin)

If there is a huge hole with nothing, the bike screams away but goes slower until top gear, going to the hills may annoy him due to slightly less torque.  Some gases need to stay in the pipes , it’s a good thing for a vtwin where it makes peak power around 8-10k revs  than having to redline it hot all the time (valves!).

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