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Nov 30, 2017
North UK
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Unless you have the “numbers” of clearances per valve, you won’t know if that’s causing heat issues on the bike or premature cam wear. 15,000 is a lot of rides, so i’ll leave it there.   I usually do them at every 4-5,000 miles.

Yes the manual is correct not to tamper with the mixture screws, as then you’re in the abyss. I know what they are but will try to keep this comment short so i’m not quoted incase the bike doesn’t like what i said (modding or stock bikes are not the same, too many variables, hence we leave the stock carb alone and just do jets).    Around 3 to 4 is normal on each pot, what the Koreans do factory wise.   Your new spark plugs will let you know when they leave a trail color. That’s my comments.

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