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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Go to a local bike salvage or shop, look for mikuni DF52Β  orΒ  SV650 carb rear pump.

The Hyosung uses a legit mikuni rear pump from 125cc to 650cc (same unit), its single vacuum port with 2 gold liquid ports (IN & OUT)

Running from the tank -> directly to the carb isn’t ideal.Β Β Β  The 250cc won’t exceed the capacity of the rear pump anyway.Β Β Β Β  So Tank Tap -> Filter -> Pump -> Carb = In this order.

You will also make sure the float heights of the carb are 7mm exactly, as that’s fuel control from idle to top gear.

Beyond 1st gear or 4,000 revs onwards, your slides start to lift and allow main jet fueling , ofcourse the carb will under go extensive cleaning since you said it ran with no filter,Β  (many holes in the carb!)

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