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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Fair play to your comments,Β Β  though i can say that if you have the books at hand and stick to its maintenance schedules and that , the bike will keep going.Β Β Β  Things like valve clearances can be done by even suzuki garages since it uses old style “tappet under bucket” style gixxer tappets.Β  The valves likely off old GSX (off the top of my head), then ofcourse manuals generally tell you what timings are.Β Β Β  Clutch tutorial is on this forum , as isΒ  oil change tutorial,Β  those 2 you can do yourself too.

Fueling side, ofcourse since being injected, you just make sure the tank isnt clogged with particles overtime and give injectors are nice clean through,Β  checking the lambda sensor is all in spec as per books. An electric pump isn’t cheap, i can attest to that!

Brake pistons hate water but they ain’t true stainless dare i say lol. An eye on them is crucial so they don’t bind the disc later in its life,Β  brake pads = stick with sintered ones, over cheap organics πŸ‘

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