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Welwyn Garden City

I have found the cheapest solution to mounting mobile sat nav while riding. I have attached two photos showing jogging case for Galaxy S7 edge £2.49 from eBay. I could clearly hear the voice without using a head set up to 40Miles/hr

Marcel if you could look at the youtube link below-showing raising handlebar on GT250R, I wonder if that can be carried out on 2018 GT 650R as photo attached. Cables seem to have enough slack to be raised.

Hi Thanks for the suggestions, the best choice was tank pad mount and bag strap-like oxford but could not find big enough case for my large mobile and there is no tank pad made for Hyosung on eBay. Clip-on bar kit is available but not as nice so I stick to the existing low handlebar. I have attached youtube link to copy & Paste for Spanish guy who raised the same handlebar for his GT250 R. Clever idea Semimanillares Hyosung GT250R