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Chasing down an EFI light issue I downloaded the service manual which contains a list of “C” codes. However my 2016 GV250 has analogue speedo/odo which will not show a text code. The lovely manual doesn’t tell how to access the blinking codes. I finally found out how it is done. With the key in the off position turn on the kill switch. Now turn the key on-off-on-off-on and watch the EFI light blink your code! Unfortunately my code isn’t listed in the manual. 10-5-10-5 Hope this helps someone.

Did the bike develop a specific issue ?

Another shout is to check the harness near the ecu , sometimes  the fi lamp would blink if i touched the harness meaning the ecu plug wasn’t fully in, making it seem i was getting trouble but the bike still ran fine,   ofcourse  , apart from FI read outs, there is also ways to test the individual sensors all over the bike with a meter sometimes.

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