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If we can get to the basics , let us know before we go deeper in to it?

Battery = Size should be 14BS & new.  It’s hard to tick over with a failing battery.

AFTER it has battery changed => Check its saying 14-15v on a meter while revving around 3,000-5000 revs.  (ANY 13.X volts WHILE revving,  => change the regulator)

Carbs = Opened and have been cleaned thoroughly? Mixture screw tampered with? (Hope not!)

Does it have standard Hyosung Ignition coils ? = I’d consider changing them unless you’re handy with a meter, we can test them  (HT to frame must be 6k ohms strong n max as per books).  Very common units that cause all sorts of weird drama.

Standard Plug CAPS? – They can start to wane or fail sometimes ,as its between the spark plug and the coil.  NGK ones are highly favoured, they rarely cause issues.

Spark Plugs -> if you find time to get a picture of both spark plugs, click “add media” in the reply box to show us what they are and also code name (CR8E?  incase wrong ones fitted) – The plugs also leave a little hint of telling you the carb or electrics need some attention or the valve head (eg clearances to do).   IX plugs should be binned if it has them.  Stock CR8E or laser is best on these hyosungs.

See how you get on!

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