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Nov 30, 2017
North UK


If we can get to the basics , let us know before we go deeper in to it?

Battery = Size should be 14BS & new.Β  It’s hard to tick over with a failing battery.

AFTER it has battery changed => Check its saying 14-15v on a meter while revving around 3,000-5000 revs.Β  (ANY 13.X volts WHILE revving,Β  => change the regulator)

Carbs = Opened and have been cleaned thoroughly? Mixture screw tampered with? (Hope not!)

Does it have standard Hyosung Ignition coils ? = I’d consider changing them unless you’re handy with a meter, we can test themΒ  (HT to frame must be 6k ohms strong n max as per books).Β  Very common units that cause all sorts of weird drama.

Standard Plug CAPS? – They can start to wane or fail sometimes ,as its between the spark plug and the coil.Β  NGK ones are highly favoured, they rarely cause issues.

Spark Plugs -> if you find time to get a picture of both spark plugs, click “add media” in the reply box to show us what they are and also code name (CR8E?Β  incase wrong ones fitted) – The plugs also leave a little hint of telling you the carb or electrics need some attention or the valve head (eg clearances to do).Β Β  IX plugs should be binned if it has them.Β  Stock CR8E or laser is best on these hyosungs.

See how you get on!

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