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North UK

Around here in UK, common way to strap a phone is a product called BUFFALO NAV BAG or OXFORD STRAP NAV which is mounted on the top stearing clamp and phone goes inside.

Cutting the nut is rare to mount an open nut to do what you are proposing.
Another way is to get a small mount accessory used by action cams to mount on the fuel tank cap,  then it can be creatively used to mount a phone that way or gps unit.

Last one, is to find a mount that goes on one of the blanking ports next to the clutch lever or brake side cylinder,  this works on a newer generation bike (RC 2010+) as then it wont catch the screen.  Personally i just put the phone in my pocket, then listen to gps via the bluetooth.

As for bars. The clip on bars , can be removed, in exchange for fitting a comet long bar at the top of the steering and use risers/mount assemblies.

The GTR clamp has blanks under neath that can be drilled through, and allow tapping new 8mm threads.
The only issue there is the screen catching on older generation hyosungs when turning lock to lock , but its less of an issue on newer generation hyosungs as the screen is a bit smaller and more forwards away from the steering area.

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