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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Hey Gareth.
If you measured the line itself , it is 1 METER long.  = £4-5 there.
Plus the clips ? a couple quid
Plus the shipping fee? a couple quid (for us to post it to you)
=£8ish is what you expected

If you wanted 2 meters this would have been no issue at all to ship that extra (200cm)
The hyosung doesn’t need 2 meters for simply vacuum pipes that deal with the tap and the rear pump.  The ad says what it is for and where it is used in the customer galleries.

Sold hundreds now, without complaints. It is 1 meter long again.

If you want a basic pipe that isn’t braided, can’t deal with hotter temps, won’t see itself lasting 10yrs even, is a smaller hole inside,  then I am sorry to tell you we don’t do cheap basic £2 pipes or fake rubber braided ones. Not worth the liability.
Pressure test the pipe we sent you and vs the stock one. Go see which one bursts 1st.

If you haven’t used it at all. Let us know please, we happily accept returns for it.

Ride steady.

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