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GT125R (carby)

Thanks Marcel.  😉

I have the bike built back up now and managed to get her out in between showers. I’ll grab a clutch kit off you at some point over the next couple of weeks and proceed as you suggest. I’m not hugely worried about the prawl forks, just something I had read! The problem has only shown itself a handful of times, and selecting gears has never been a problem once I had adjusted the clutch at the engine swap. Initially 5th wasn’t there, if you remember my post last summer, but it didn’t take me long to find it again once I fiddled with the clutch. Based on that experience I would be even more inclined to think worn plates.

We need to talk gearing, but when I do the sprockets I’m going to go with the 520. I threw a new 428gg on it which has been fine, but I  still think it could benefit from the 520.

First things first though. I want to see how it’s goes with the new clutch. Once that is in we can  hopefully put our heads together and make an informed decision about the sprockets. I should have the clearances checked by then too. They were fine last summer, but I’ve put 1.5k on it since and don’t know the history of this engine. Never missed a beat yet tho, so worth looking after!