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Nov 30, 2017
North UK

Following the old thread, i wanted to quote my old reply, here:

Accessing the Carbs

Perharps another trick as I have done with the EFI bike i own, is that i had to drop the engine a little bit to access the injector system:
– Try getting a jack and place it under the engine,  loosen the engine mounts at bottom rear.
– Leave the top rear mount intact, but loose.
– Remove the front mount, the engine will lower towards the front in a diagonal fashion, so that its slanted towards the tyre.
– Remove the side air-filter unit.
– For your bike, loosen the carb clamps
– Being extremely gentle = > Lift the air chamber unit up and forwards towards the bike
– Ofcourse get the oil cooler out of the way (2 bolts drops it down)

Unless the engine is dropped down, it’s a creative & gentle process to get the air chamber out, i know the frame-bar is in the middle, strange design is all i can say lol.

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