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West midlands
Grand prix plus

Hmmm, when you ring up tomorrow, ask for Martin or Anthony, i’ve met them personally, so i hope they help you find a way to get that motor going. Ask also for BOOMER125 / GPS125 Hyper parts and possibly they can try to order it alternatively abroad, if no stock is in the shop or the UK wholesellers they use for parts etc.. I’m not 100% sure the Hyosung Boomer has the same shaft, as i never seen the bike in the flesh, but i have a gut feeling it could fit! – that gy6 ebay listing you saw , would be a gamble that’s for sure. I suppose talking to the seller with dimensions etc , might get some light in to the situation with yours to match up, if going through the aftermarket route. CNC cloning that shaft might dent the bank balance, if some fabricator dares take on the challenge. Just throwing the idea out there!

I think i might just sell the bike on, if im having this much trouble finding a variator im pretty much screwed if i need anything else. I did find a website selling the part i need but it was all in czech and just a diagram showing the full variator and belt+clutch assembly but google translate isnt 100% accurate and i could have just been buying 1 bolt for £40 without postage


Was the site just incase someone in furture needs any help.

Think il give startright another call tomorrow.

Main uk hyosung dealers all ask for part numbers or they cannot help but the only part number i have been able to find are for brake pads  on there main site they list the grand prix in the drop down menu but you cant click it, like its old discontinued so i think thats all the answer i needed.

Thanks for all the help though buddy

I did look for the hyper parts but just as hard to find but also the spline shaft is different to