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North UK

I’ll be honest to say the pics look like you may have taiwanese copies of these things which are just as lethal,    so may not be a true mosfet type reg  or genuine hyosung stator (though they are woeful too)

Shingden is the common reg upgrade which involves wire splicing etc, so it wont be too cheap either but its better than the basic shunt types Hyosung uses & some ebay copies.   The 2nd also (which one of my bike uses) is the Electrosport brand from US, good regs and stators they make.

You can always message me to get the ones listed on this page which then includes the mini conversion harness, so you pretty much fit and fire away. I’ve done this for EFI bikes since their regs have different outlets  even their stators vary!

Test your stator and hope it is producing, as this will be a longer road to replace you the correct one , as it depends on:  Year of bike, what the flywheel LOOKS LIKE inside, and which stator in the database i can look up to match it ,  though i’ve been doing aftermarket stators for the smaller bikes ,   the 650 folk usually upgrade to a kawasaki stator if its a carby bike as its easier to put simply , though maths & research work is involved going this route ,  it seems to have paid dividents for a few i know.

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