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Nov 30, 2017
North UK
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What spark plugs do you have?  Can we see them so I can judge if the carb is rich or not.
Spark plugs will also tell us if your ignition system is good.

Just click “add media” above the reply box to add a few pictures in to this thread.

Until we get more info,  your story is commonly:
– Ignition Coils.
– HT Caps
===lots of cranks ^ might mean weak sparking system.
===stock hyosung parts & HEAT = cuts off while riding , until something to do with sparking system cools down.

If you are sure the fueling is good (eg. carbs cleaned out & good lines) , then look at the “Regulator”.  It must say 14.6 volts at the battery ,   any less? = change it.  13.x volts is not good for these hyosungs.
===lots of SLOW cranks ^  might mean the battery is dying down and wasn’t being charged  ==> also send less juice to spark your bike to life.

Battery size is 12-14ah  ( 14BS) .  The speeds these bikes do when its healthy is usually 130-145km max

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