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Usually the service manuals tell you how do it.   I was going to do a tutorial myself but been too far busy lol,  this included clearances check etc.

It would take me 2 pages to do it but i’ll try next time i fix someone’s hyosung again.

To cut to the chase.

  • flywheel should be marked F or R for rear or front.  Leave it there.
  • front or rear cams ===> EX is always #2 ^ | facing 100% accurately upwards  | ^ (Straight vertical)  or in other words, the EX cam always has a “DASH”__________ on the end of the of spindle — that DASH____ is always 100% straight horizontal line with the EDGE of the engine cover
  • Any exhaust cam (front or rear) . look at sprockets for numbers.

Now , intakes cam (any side) (IN cams)

  • Intake cam sprocket #3 faces 90% upwards (10% tilted to the RIGHT)(whichever side you look at, the #3 must be a little towards RIGHT like this>  /    instead of a straight line> |  
  • Between the number 2 and 3   ===> there is 16 links on the chain.  (count 16 dots on the chain between #2 and #3 marked on the sprockets

REAR CAM LOBES look like this  //ex      \\in   (125cc usually)
FRONT CAM LOBES ==>   100% away from each other <==ex  in==>  (in 125cc in this case.)

I think you got this!  Let us know how you get one.      I’ll find time to write deeper picture-based guides of these things.     If in doubt, you can always look at the vtwin manuals in the forum.

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