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North UK

Over various bikes i owned i found YUASA (real ones), varta (german made),  and UniBat are good. Varta my fav.

80% of other brands have chinese grade components inside.    Hence  it is  a consensus to be careful shopping online for batteries due to fakes or duds.

For the hyosung. The correct size is 12ah for good reason,  some garages fit small ones with little research.  It says it in the manual  but they ignore to cut costs. Lol.


Look for YUASA YTX 14BS at halfords ,  atv shop ,  bike shop locally  (and ideal over online hunting)

However some folk use Amazon


This is it.

Hyosung gt125r battery forum



Also,  Varta  YTX 14BS

Hyosung battery charging system gt125r



14BS batteries generally float at £45-60 range.  The top 3 i mentioned are trusted brands 👍

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