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North UK

I live in Surrey not too far from Box Hill, Newlands Corner or the Ace Cafe. Anyone near with a GV Aquila 650 it would be nice to meet up to compare bikes, mine seems to have clunky gear change but is it normal or a problem that needs adjusting.

In 2019, our meets will be near the south UK – You get a chance to meet the lot of us that spawned from the facebook group lol.  I have seen a few 650s up north, but not sure how common they are on your southern region – so will have to do a nice map one day!

It would be a good idea to head to “Technical Help” section of this site and get a 650 service manual  that matches the YEAR of your bike (but most are the same anyway!)

It contains instruction on the best way to “adjust” the clutch cable so that when you “squeeze” it it doesn’t feel clunky to shift up.

It is common that some various hyosung models (125 / 250 650 ) have a clunky gearbox usually caused by either:
– Cable loose or too much play somewhere on the line set up
– Thrust bearing on the clutch basket (if it’s very old & never changed before)
– Bad oil or oil too worn down (cheap oil) (especially when the oil has “worn” down badly, it looses the smooth transition effect on bike) – Manuals generally stress to use premium oils anyway.
– Clutch Springs maybe too old (eventually, hot heat will cause the old springs to fatigue)
(hence its obvious when a gear change isn’t as “snappy” like it was first new)

But hopefully it’s just a cable and the adjusters that need sorting that’s all.  👍

Oh yes, it is common!

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