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* Any * pipe on bike = must be replaced within 2-4yrs max.
Rubber rots inside too. And gums up parts. Stock lines have tiny holes (slower flow)

Braided fuel and air lines last 10 years , and they run colder (meaning heat resistant) so your fuel doesnt turn gassy on a hot day.

Big holes flow more air and fuel.     So your carbs get fuel quicker ,    big  vacuum lines help your pump flow fuel better (it works like a pulse)

So more air in the vacuum system helps.

Giant filters (a good one!) Hold more clean fuel as a mini reserve plus your carb has less dirt going to it.   Cant trust every Petrol station out there.

So  yes air and fuel lines help.   Any extra info is at /shop/ page  or    search  *fuel* in the search bar ^ for a diagram .  Pictures will reveal the differences.

Next up.  Stock jets are crap. I’ll leave it at that lol.
Bigger jets = slight torque boost, rear engine is COLDER since petrolium has cooling effect.

To understand or how to swap carb jetting  Search *Carb* ^

There is a lot that can be done on these machines,  but one warning.  They hate *china* copy parts!  Eg. Cheap £1 lines. 😉

For anything else (tune wise), copy this link  or tap below

It saves me rewritting as i get asked often but  i am amending the list above as i have done a lot more since then.

Will be finding time to make a proper  101 Book for all things  GT125R  tuning  with probably 3 pages but should be enough to allow people to do things without paying mechanics robbery prices.

Also i have uploaded as many service manuals in forum as (125/250 = same frame)  so books also contain a lot of maintenance info etc…

Ofcourse,   if  try everything I said in the previous replies , your bike WILL run better!

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