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Nov 30, 2017
North UK
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Welcome to the new forum!  After reading through, i’ll say this ” bike life doesn’t leave you, once you’re a biker 😉 ”

Anyways, speaking of Hyosungs,  you may have missed out on 2 great meets  which happend in Matlock  & the Midlands this 2018 summer , it would have been nice to meet you  and other guys would too.

This winter 2018, keep her nice and looked after ,  2019 we’re all of to Didcot (South UK) as the next set of meet & rides.

You can find more info on the forum’s “Rides” section.   Or RSVP yourself , on the facebook group if you like:

A lot of using this new forum came from facebook, as there was no forum for UK!  – So speaking of forums,   you can browse a little and you will get yourself an owners manual and service books.


So if you’re looking to do certain tasks on the bike or know more info on something,   the service manuals are all uploaded on this site.


Ride safe this weekend!

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