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Nov 30, 2017
North UK


Welcome to the site, you made the right choice with the 650 twin. We need more of that presence in the UK.

If not already, you can also find us at the facebook group too where 650 owners sometimes post images.  There is a few!

We had 2 rideouts this year for hyosung owners ,  one in midlands & one in derbyshire.   It was the biggest one for years.


So if you fancy meeting us all in a road trip?    – We are going to Didcot  (South UK) in most of 2019 meets.     You live in Wales,  I will try to organize a Welsh hyo meet around  Spring 2019!


I went to Bristol from Yorkhire, about 600 plus miles all in – Didn’t pass through wales, which i am sad about. I actually miss your neck of woods.  Always a great ride to wales


My next stop in 2019 should be Lake Bala.   So when I make my way to wales , i may give you a shout 😉


I understand when you say “years” under the belt from all the bike roads,  tell you what, don’t stop riding yet –

I am sure you both know how liberating it is!


Have a good week, hope you enjoy the stay on here.  (It’s a new forum by the way!) –  Look for freebie competitions  or   meetups  posted on this website and also the forums.


2019 will get very busy!

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