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Jul 7, 2018
GV125 AQUILA (2017)
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Hi Marcel,

Many thanks for replying to my enquiry with regards to the dealer.  My brother said exactly the same word’s to me as you did, but when face to face with a so-called professional who tell’s you that they don’t issue service checklists anymore, I was’nt going to put him in a half nelson and demand one !  On one of my rides recently I came across another biker who recommended a fully qualified motorcycle mechanic (Ben Adgie) with some 35 years experience in the trade.  His business is 20 miles away (only a further 5 miles on from the idiot dealer !).  When I get the chance to speak to him, I will ask if he issues a service checklist and if he would be willing to work on my bike.  I have downloaded the owner’s and service manuals (thank’s Marcel), at least now when I do some maintenance on the bike I’ve got some reference to work to.  I have alway’s looked after whatever vehicle I’ve owned and am keen to make sure my bike is as well.  I am going to order a new oil filter and ‘O’ rings and change the oil myself, I’ll be sure to get some decent oil as well.  I’ve clocked-up 1200 mls and according to the owner’s manual the next service is due around 2500 mls.  Will I be okay to leave it till then to get the valve clearance checked/adjusted and anything else that’s not within my capability.  I can do most thing’s myself and other’s, if somebody shows me first then quite happy to “ave a go”.  It’s a pity you don’t live abit closer to where I am then I could call on your service’s Marcel, anyway you’ve got your day job.  I have been interested in the recommendation’s re: up-grades such as coil, fuel lines, engine mounting bolts etc.  Would you suggest I leave it till something play’s up or up-grade as & when I want to ?  Many thanks for your help Marcel, going to sign off now.

A safe ride to you, regard’s Nigel.

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