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As Daniel says too, I have my suspicions on the regulator.  How about this, what i’m about to say is direct of the workshop book I have been reading…

  1. Start the bike, Rev to 2.5 – 3,000 rpm.  It “MUST” say  14.5 or over
    Any 13v readings whatsoever = The regulator needs inspecting/replacing.
    OEM rating = 14 – 15 (15v best)
  2. What lights do you have ? – main headlight bulb must be 55w max  (Some OLDER GV bikes need 35w instead)
  3. Depending on your model – If there is a “HYOSUNG” 30/20A relay on it, inspect that one too.   I know it’s on ALL GTR bikes to power their dual lights.
  4. Battery will be 12.8volts when bike is OFF (charged)
  5. Switch on the bike -> Don’t start -> Put All lights on.  The battery must not DROP by 1 volt.   (12.8 dropping to 12.6 is normal)

Let us know how you get on!

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