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Costa rica

I did not know it was that rare in Costa Rica , does your place have more or less hyosung dealers ? Because Hyosung is still making bikes since they have updated their GV series since 2020 No word yet on new GT versions lol, but they tend to focus on the GV first before the GT gets another update. Will be following your projects, keep us posted!

Yes is a rare bike here here was introduced by a hyousung dealer that mostly imported the 650 gtr and the Aquila I think and other. Custom style model  and time before UM imported the V2s which is the 250cc versión and Also de 650 variant, both distributors closed and the UM change owner so no more hyo s here some people also imported it form panama as far as I know only the first gen hyousung sports and naked arrived here and some Aquilas the 650 are more usual but de 250 like mine are less common to be honest in the las 8-7 years I just see 2 250 appart than mine thats why y try to keep it running