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North UK

If you have a spare 2hours,  head to halfords => Get “Contact Cleaner” and ACF50

1.  Remove the switch gear apart slowly.

2. Spray contact cleaner on the contacts inside that control the indicators.

3. Wait to dry.

4. Apply ACF50 a little dolop in the same place

5. Close the switch gear and try again ?

If not , open the head light unit and see if you find wires for the indicators there , as hyosung hides front switch wires and indicator wires inside the headlight casing  (sometimes!)

Also , open then right indicator cover lense and slowly push down, twist the bulb to pop it out,  then clean and ACF50 the contacts the bulb sits on.

Hopefully these small tasks , might get us somewhere before having  to tear down the bike fully.


You got this!

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