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West Midlands

Post above isn’t great, writing on mobile so apologies in advance.

So the issues I’ve identified so far:

– Can’t start without full choke.

– Can’t idle without throttle held at around 1-2k RPMs when choke is off.

– Battery isn’t charging whilst riding.

– Fuel indicator constantly flashing empty, even when tank is filled.

– Bogging/Sluggish acceleration, doesn’t sound healthy.

– Rubber inlets are worn, small cracks visible but only seems to be surface level. They’re 7 years old, so not surprised.


What I’m considering:

1. Remove carbs & give them a proper clean out & make sure everything is in order.


2. Upgrade the regulator with the one from the shop.


3. Replace rubber inlets with custom-made metal ones.


4. Upgrade stator with shop one. (Will have to purchase this following payday, as money is tight.)


5. Swap out plugs & caps with NGKs as recommended, along with iridium spark plugs.


This forum has a wealth of knowledge and I do appreciate the wizards behind it, but would love some additional support.

Have I missed anything? And how would I remedy a dodgy fuel level read on the dash?


If anyone is based in the Midlands and could give me hand, I’ll be happy to sort you out.