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Aquila GV 125 S



I investigated further today.

Bike it is charging the battery all the time (not stator issue).

I checked the spark and it is on both cylinders.

I have found out that engine runs like new when it is cold and when it heats up starts cutting of on idle.

I had a look on idle solenoid and it is moving. (And if I disconnect it it is still cutting of).

Every time when i start bike again when it cuts off it runs normal for few seconds and then it starts dying slowly.

Bike was stopped cutting off when I disconnected the throttle position sensor (TPS) (bike runs like new), but in this case bike turns on the engine light.

What do you suggest me to do? Could it be the TPS issue?

Could TPS send signal further and problem is somewhere else?

I am sending video. (Bike was running fine on the begining when cold)