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Somebody was trying, a long time ago. But belt manufacturers didn’t want to take a risk. To make a new belt. Maybe in the future, I’ll try to research. But the belt itself is of great quality. Just way too expensive. The proper cost should be around $120-$150.

Yes, the frame itself is amazing. There were some examples of mountain 1.1 liters engine on it. And it was still handling it with no weak points.

Most likely Hyos won’t improve those. So Pulleys will remain the same. And letting your customers use a chain kit is a shame. As I think. You can’t call such a company to be a reliable brand. So the 2024 version will fail too. In my opinion, if they won’t improve it then their 650’s models will stop existing soon. Cause right now they have stopped producing most of the parts for them already. At least I’m in contact with US dealer, and they are dismantling the showroom ST7 in need of parts since they have lack of them. Hyos hasn’t delivered anything for like a couple of years already.