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It’s straight. I used to ride with no hands. In my opinion, giving a 100% proves that it’s perfectly balanced. Otherwise, it would lean on one of the sides randomly.

Nothing is better than the belt. I can’t imagine riding with a chain kit. And it looks ugly too. Here’s what people have done with the rear pulley in Ukraine.

And a pulley plate that is made of steel. Forced onto the pulley under high temperature. I can do the same but the weight will increase to an additional 2 kg. This thing is super heavy. However, it’s super reliable at the same time. Gives 30-40k km of reliable usage. Until the belt dies eventually. So my plan is to do it with stronger aluminum. So it will be much better than original + will still be soft for the belt in order not to crack it.

Cause as far as I can see Hyosung is not looking to do anything with their pulleys at all. I’ve seen the new bike (2024) and the only thing that they haven’t improved at all is the rear pulley itself. Still made out of soft silumin.