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GV125C'08 & GV250'11(SideCar

Nice to meet you from Japan. I’m also struggling with the same issue. And, as Marcel says, failure continues. It’s a difficult task.
I’d like to see that YouTube video. Could you please introduce the URL here?

I will tell you my results.
Regarding the 4p coupler, mine is Daewoo ECU. It seems to be the same. The 2015 GV250 probably does not have a 2P coupler. I think the orange line is 12V, the light blue line is the ECU signal line, and the black and white line is the negative line.

Then I thought it might be an ISO9141 K-Line or SAE J1850 VPW pattern.

Therefore, I ordered a 4P⇒ODB conversion connector from Ukraine that was written to be exclusively for Hyosung. The conversion was orange ⇒ No. 16, light blue ⇒ No. 7, black & white both connected to No. 4 and No. 5.
Unfortunately, I could not connect it to the ECU.
Similarly, my friend’s 2012 Delphi ECU could not establish a connection to the ECU.

Some people have had success with past topics on this forum, so I’ll introduce them to you.

GT250 EFI DSpec Stalls at Idle after Warm Up