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If the N-Sensor is faulty, we can send you another one for you to try but i would also get a new oring from the shop for it as there is a camshaft directly behind it with oil, so you don’t want any leaks.

Also, relays = Are the indies OEM or aftermarket ?  = If OEM , try to replace both the bulbs (shop) and the actual OEM relay unit  (will try find it in workshop)

Defo sounds like something happend with the charging system (reg & stator)  that cause electrics to go haywire now., well before you had a chance to upgrade the regs & coils.

Don’t forget even when the bike is OFF (keys out) , the reg is always connected permantently as the red wire goes 3 ways (fuse, battery , loom unit) = if the relay is buzzing without indies being on, that’s gonna cause new battery changes eventually and a very annoyed charging system

Here’s a question for you. The loom has diodes in to stop back feeding of voltage. Could one of these have gone bad and there is voltage back feeding somewhere through the system when I turn my lights on causing the tacho Junp and potentially my issues of frying coils and reg/recs?

Some diodes are simply called “mystery diodes” which Korea doesn’t tell us their actual purpose until we strip the whole loom apart before re-wrapping with fresh black leccy tape.   Also  Near the “Rear Coil” , there is a relay unit that controls the Neutral sensor ,  if the green light comes on on dash, the sensor should be working ,  i believe a voltage overspike (beyond 15v) or too much “amps/current”  (stator wanning)  would fry it slowly overtime.

Some relays in the harness control lights  or  the horn beeper.   Some older hyosung looms  (even 650s) had some at the front that look like relays but actually were called “igniters” for the spark system  (like this one…here)

Hints from experience =
If the “RPM gauge” is zig zagging at any point = Coils , Stator , Harness , Battery   (Zig Zags can happen when lights turn on, as lights mean extra load is being requested by the bike to stator/reg/ battery to power the lights on top of running the engine)
If the “LCD GLASS” that says the speed you’re doing goes dark,  dim, flickers = harness / dodgy part on bike that’s taxing battery / battery or reg itself.
If the “rpm needle” is zig zagging while idling  (with lights off) = see above ^
If the “rpm needle” is sweeping slowly up and down =  Hunting for fuel , carb , pump , tap, or coils  =  Plugs may be shot at this point.

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